Thank you for your interest in Chemo Crew.

Founded by ovarian cancer survivor, Bridgette Eilers in 2011. Chemo Crew works closely with hospitals and other providers who specialize in cancer and chemotherapy services.

Cancer patients and their families experience a great deal of uncertainty during cancer and treatment options.  After Bridgette journeyed through cancer and chemotherapy treatment, she realized the importance of support from a survivor.  Her goal is to provide resources and support to bridge the gap between available serves and practical tips that will offer comfort during treatment.

According to the 2012 California Cancer Registry in Stanislaus County, more than 2000 people will be diagnosed with cancer this year.  Many of these people will have family and  friends who will offer them support; others will be walking this journey alone.

Chemo Crew is made up from over 60 volunteers and staff (many of whom are cancer survivors) in the Stanislaus county area. We offer tips, tools, hope, and help to cancer patients—whether they have any other support or not—throughout the community.

Chemo Crew is available for free individual consultation to help patients connect with the community resources and support they may need.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any inquiries or questions. Again, thank you.