Brittany’s Change Up Update

Unfortunately, this incredible opportunity didn’t turn out so well for me.  I learned self care is important and if I don’t do it my body will turn against me.  I have a lot on my plate currently and although they are all good things, very good things, it was too much stress for my body to handle.  I ended up getting shingles the first week of boot camp.

One of the tough realities I’ve had to deal with since being diagnosed is a weak immune system.  It isn’t horrible, just annoying.  For example any time my kids get sick, I’m pretty much guaranteed to get it and it takes me even longer to recover.  So when I was diagnosed with shingles I was pretty devastated because I knew that the recovery wouldn’t come quickly.

Although I was only able to experience one week in boo tcamp, I learned so much and feel more well equip to continue my progress towards whole health.  Get Fit is truly an amazing community and I am disappointed I wasn’t able to participate in the full boot camp.

Even though I will not be participating in the AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)-a-thon, Bridgette still is and I’ll be there watching her!  We would love it if you would still be willing to donate per round or a flat fee towards the Chemo Crew.