Brittany’s Fitness Journey

After being diagnosed with Leukemia my senior year in high school I began an oral chemo and continued on with life.  My goal of playing college soccer still seemed attainable.  I went away to college and enjoyed a semester of playing hours of soccer everyday with the hope of walking on the school team in the spring.  I was in the peak fitness of my life, although my eating didn’t reflect it.  During this time my medication continued to make me very sick so I opted to have a bone marrow transplant in the hopes of curing my cancer.

While recovering from my bone marrow transplant I did not have the energy or drive to be physically active for quite some time.  When the drive did finally come my body didn’t pop back into it as easily as I would have expected.  Being on some anti-rejection and some other big drugs made it hard to get back to the physical lifestyle I had lived my entire life.


Fast forward quite a few years, a couple kids and a whole lot of life circumstances later, to where I am today.  I still have a vast love of junk food, an addiction to soda and a lack of self discipline to do anything about it on my own.  My body reflects my decisions and although I don’t love where I am at, I know that my Savior loves me anyway.  With that said I am ready for change, I am ready to Change it Up!


I’m looking forward to this challenge, I am honored to be able to participate and to raise funds for this organization that I so highly believe in.  I look forward to learning how to fuel my body properly, how to take care of this body God so graciously gave me and how to use it for His glory.