The Chemo Crew’s mission is to offer hope and help to cancer patients and their families. “Hope” to let them know that they are not alone; there are survivors in our community that would love to offer support to them, and “Help” by offering one-on-one support through the Chemo Kit as well as helping connect them with the many resources that are in our community.

B Family, LRFounder: Bridgette Eilers

Bridgette is a wife and mother of three beautiful children. She was inspired to begin providing the services her organization provides after facing her own battle with ovarian cancer and chemotherapy treatment. As she journeyed through the difficult process of chemotherapy, she discovered useful tools, elements of support from those around her, and resources within herself that she believed were essential to getting her through the process successfully. She also realized that many people do not have the same support she had and that the current services offered to chemotherapy patients in the Modesto area were often insufficient. She has a passion for providing chemotherapy patients with caring, practical services that will make the already difficult treatment more bearable.

Board of Directors

  • Bridgette Eilers, Founder and President
  • John Kitchell, Vice President
  • Nancy Cline, Secretary
  • Jackie Howell, Treasurer
  • Sarah Andrews, General Board Member
  • Kelly Chacon, General Board Member
  • Grace Hogan, General Board Member
  • Cindy McDonald, General Board Member