The Importance of a Support System

Are you one of those people who are independent, never likes to ask for help? I was one of those too, until I had cancer. Cancer, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and all the other things that doctors like to do to you when you have cancer are all things that can potentially take away your energy, motivation, physical health and the many things that allow you to continue doing it all yourself. You may quickly discover you are not superwoman or superman any longer. But, that is normal. It’s okay. You may have to live with a modified normal for a while. Don’t let your pride get in the way of you doing some self-care. Yes, it is humbling to ask for help.

I always tell our support group that when you have cancer your friends and loved ones have no control over any of what you’re going through, but they can make you a meal, they can drive you to an appointment, they can clean your bathroom. And, when you allow them to do these things, it gives them a purpose, it blesses them. Don’t take that blessing away from them just because you are too proud to let someone clean your toilet.

Friends and family are an invaluable resource. There are other resources in our community that can be a help to you as well. Here at the Chemo Crew we run a monthly in person support group for the cancer patient and their caregiver. It is a wonderful place to realize that you are not alone. There are others right in your own neighborhood walking a similar journey. You can find strength and encouragement, understanding and comradery, peace and comfort in the rooms of a support group. And, if you have it all together and don’t think you need one, then come for the person who doesn’t have it all together and give them some of your strength.  We would love to have you.

In Modesto we are blessed with a local American Cancer Society office and Sutter’s Complimentary Therapies (classes for the cancer community). Check out the partners tab on our website,, for more information about both of these local resources.

There are national organizations as well, if you do a search on the internet, that have wonderful resources and support for you as you walk through cancer. Blessings on your journey. -Sonna